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Fall Things to Do in Savannah 2015: New Ideas for Romantic Inns' Lodging Guests in the Historic District

Savannah tour actors bring heritage and history alive
during downtown sightseeing tours through the Savannah
historic district.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- September 23, 2015, is the first day of autumn. In beautiful Savannah, it's the season of heritage festivals, running marathons, picnics and music, tea and beer, bird migrations, and patriotic celebrations as this southern USA city rolls into Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
Did you know? Savannah's favorite son, Johnny Mercer, wrote the lyrics to Autumn Leaves.  Visit the bronze statue honoring Mr. Mercer, located in Ellis Square downtown.

Travel + Leisure magazine places Savannah on it's prestigious list of "Best Cities for Fall Travel". Adding in another feature, "For those planning on visiting Georgia, the best time of year to schedule your trip is between early fall and mid-spring when Georgian weather is most pleasant."
Each privately owned bed and breakfast inn within the Romantics Inns collective has unique ideas, listening to the unique interests of their lodging guests. Learn where the locals' love to eat, the best times to tour, and unique boutiques to shop for Christmas gifts.

Beyond this list of Fall 2015 things to do in Savannah, enlist the Savannah innkeeper's assistance for new ideas of things to do in Savannah and beyond, places to see even for a short Georgia coast day trip, best bakeries and eateries (including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free cafes and restaurants), plus picnic and event assistance.


** September 23: First Day of Fall / AutumnSeptember 26: Free Entrance Day @ Fort Pulaski National Monument @FortPulaskiNPS near #Savannah & #TybeeIsland
September 27: World Tourism Day, United Nations
October 2015
October 2: First Friday Fireworks on the Savannah River Walk, 9:30 p.m.
October 2 - 4: Oktoberfest on Savannah River Street (German Heritage)
October 4: City of Savannah "Picnic in the Park", Forsyth Park
October 9-11: Savannah Folk Festival
October 10: Midnight Garden Ride (biking), Ellis Square -- 500 riders, 10 miles.
October 10: Fiesta Latina, Savannah River Street** October 12: Columbus Day
October 17: St. Vincent's Tour of Homes and Tea, downtown Savannah GA
October 17: American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® events in Savannah, Ellis Square
** October 17: National Mammogram Day
October 24-31, 2015: Savannah Film Festival, Trustees Theatre, Savannah GA
October 25: Shalom Y'all Jewish Food Festival, Forsyth Park.
** October 31: Halloween
November 2015
** November 1: Daylight Saving (End) 2015
November 1: "Celtic Woman", 3 p.m., Savannah Civic Center
November 6: First Friday Fireworks on the Savannah River Walk, 9:30 p.m.
November 7: Hopped Up on Georgia Brews (beer tasting), River Street
November 7 - 8: Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon
November 9 - 15: Savannah Food and Wine Festival
** November 11: Veterans' Day 2015
November 14: Live Oak Library Children's Book Festival
** November 19: Great American Smokeout (The third Thursday in November)
November 20: Museum in the Moonlight, Ships of the Sea Museum in collaboration with Savannah Voice Festival; 7-9 p.m. Free admission.
** November 26: Thanksgiving Day
December 2015

December 4: First Friday Fireworks on the Savannah River Walk, 9:30 p.m.
December 5: Enmark Savannah River Bridge Run
** December 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 11 -12: Holiday Pops with the Savannah Philharmonic at the historic Lucas Theatre
December 18-19: Fort Pulaski Candlelantern Tours
December 19, 2015 - January 3, 2015: Solstice Seafarers at Ships of the Sea Museum
December 20: Savannah Reindeer Run 8K

Get away in fall! You'll fall in love with Savannah, Georgia USA.

We hope you'll allow our Romantic Inns of Savannah's bed and breakfast lodging innkeepers to introduce you to more relaxing, story-rich romantic places, including the beautiful settings of our Savannah historic district's bed and breakfast inns, privately owned and personally hosted. Contact all the inns with one click here!

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Top 12 Wonders for Winter in Savannah: Winter Holiday Ideas from Romantic Inns' Savannah GA Tourism Stars

SAVANNAH Georgia -- No-snow holidays, classic natural color-scapes, international heritage, architectural beauty, temperate weather, and phenomenally delicious food are only a few highlights of a classy and fun winter in Savannah Georgia USA. 

Flowering camellia shrub photo -c- Sandy Traub | Used with permission

Romantic Inns of Savannah, privately owned historic B&B lodging homes that are located in Georgia's oldest and most beautiful city, add ideas for joyful holidays between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. These tourism tips begin with twelve places you'll want to see during the city's cooler season, and sprinkle in winter and holiday season events. 
Stay tuned! We'll update this page when new events are announced. Meanwhile, in addition to the winter camilla photo (left),
view a few more visual teases -- Jan Buchholtz's beautiful photos (Flickr link), camellias are in bloom, adding rich winter colors to the year-around lush green landscapes.
Romantic Inns' "12 Wonders for Winter in Savannah" are twelve wondrous Savannah places that turn heads and stir conversations! Each is worth its own Savannah, Georgia destination trip during our southern city's 'no-snow' winter holiday vacations in the USA.

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May-September Romance Epitomized By A Southern USA City: Savannah, Georgia USA

SAVANNAH Georgia -- The mature landscaping, historic architecture, and the playful, competitive spirit of Savannah make this beautiful city an easy vision of the bubbly to nonchalant May-September romance!


Happy Hour in Savannah can be cocktails and spuds at The Crystal Beer Parlor or a root beer float or ice cream malt with the jukebox playing nostalgic tunes at Leopold's Ice Cream.

On any given day one might find art and the arts mixing happily in the rotunda Telfair Museum, the south's oldest museum. Swing dancing, musical concerts, and yoga are scheduled often. 

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Turning the Corner in Savannah GA To Picture Perfect Scenes Near Romantic B&B Inns Downtown

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Don't you love turning a corner and finding photogenic scenes? Below are a few snippets showcasing a few of historic Savannah's romantic places near the privately owned Romantic Inns in Savannah, GA.

Capture the aura of historic Savannah right in the hub of the Landmark Historic District! Get away and enjoy fall, winter, spring or summer in the city, Savannah style. 

1895 Inn ... Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is out the front door, turn left and walk one block. You'll spot the spires through the trees!

Armstrong Inns B&B ...  Walk out the front door to Mother Mathilda Beasley park, honoring an African American Catholic pioneer. Bike or walk the trail.

A photo posted by Mona Mikell (@squarevegan) on

Catherine Ward House ... Forsyth Park is out the door, turn right! Drop in for a comfort break or cool beverage if you're walking the Bull Street corridor at the Forsyth Park Cafe.

Forsyth Park Inn ... Walk down the front steps and through Forsyth Park to Betty Bomber's, a canteen style, World War II themed, All-American cafe.  We can hear the music now, the Bugle Boys of Company B!

A photo posted by Peter Roaman (@soundsource) on

Green Palm Inn ... Walk out the front door to East Broad Street, turn left to dine at Cha Bella, organic farm to fork supper and fabulous Sunday buffet brunch. 

McMillian Inn ... Walk down the stairs from parlor level, day or night, and turn right to explore allure of Forsyth Park! Nightlife is magical in the 30-acre park and Arboretum.

Olde Savannah Inn ... Walk out the door and turn left to take in the beauty of Armstrong Mansion overlooking Gaston Street. Entitled "On a summer stroll", this photo portrays the founding home of Armstrong College, now the law office where Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was filmed.

Presidents' Quarters Inn ... Walk out the parking lot and turn right to take the romance of the world famous Owens-Thomas House. Enjoying a hero's welcome to Savannah, American Revolutionary General Marquis de Lafayette spoke to the grateful citizens of Savannah from the balcony overlooking President Street following the war.

A photo posted by Mona Mikell (@squarevegan) on

Savannah Villas ... From the Broughton Street town home you'll be a stroll away from historic theatres and Leopold's Ice Cream.

Zeigler House Inn ... Walk down the steps to the Jones Street sidewalk, turn right and enjoy a southern lunch (only) at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room and beautiful, romantic and natural backdrops for romantic photos in Orleans Square, and Mercer House (setting of John Berendt's New York Times best seller novel and Clint Eastwood's movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). 

Are you ready for a getaway to Savannah, Georgia? Our Romantic Inns tourism stars have more insider tips awaiting your call and visit to this top destination city. We hope to see you soon and often!

Meanwhile, here are two quick links to Romantic Inns of Savannah Press Fact Sheet and easy  contact to reach all our historic inns with one click! We invite you also to follow us on Twitter @RomanticInns and Facebook.

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Savannah, Georgia USA: Near Myths and Complete Misses by J. D. Byous

Historian and photographer James Byous untangles Savannah history from Savannah folklore in Savannah Georgia USA: Near Myths and Complete Misses ( In this enlightening feature, this history scholar debunks some erroneous Savannah tourism stories, and advances his storytelling with historical images and photography.

The innkeeper/owners of each of the Romantic Inns know leisure time is precious, so each is eager to share accurate and authentic #local stories and experiences to enrich your Savannah travel and recreation. We invite you to book your lodging stay with Romantic Inns in Savannah -- the history-rich, privately owned lodging inns located within the story-rich National Landmark Historic District.

Figure 1 The Armstrong House fence, above,
compared to the fence around
Buckingham Palace below.
SAVANNAH Georgia --  Okay… Okay… So I’m not perfect.  Not even my mother entertained that thought and my wife would back her up on the conclusion. But, there are a few… shall we say… factual contortions here in Savannah.  One could call some assertions a near miss… or maybe a near myth… but they are infractions of the truth.  You hear them on trolley tours, you hear them on walking tours, you read them in history books and magazines and brochures.

History is as history does but sometimes history does as others remember.  And, it may not be all that glaring.  This one is part of the official city test one must pass to gain a tour license.  The test book reads, “GENERAL JAMES EDWARD OGLETHORPE officially founded Savannah in 1733.”……. Technically it’s not true.  Perhaps it’s, shall we say, “nit-picky,” but in 1733 Oglethorpe was actually, Colonel James Edward Oglethorpe (Figure 2).  He wasn’t promoted to brigadier general in 1743, ten years after founding the colony.  So it’s a minor point.  I call it a near myth and a bit petty, but hey, truth is… well, the truth.

However, there are also several complete misses floating around the streets and squares of this unique, beautiful and extremely historic town.  I will admit to having stated them as fact in years past and should have checked them out.  As the newspaper editor says to Jimmy Stewart in the movie, Liberty Valence, “When legend becomes fact, print the legend.”  But in history facts are… in fact… facts!  Rewriting the narrative for its correction is not revisionist history, it is the rectification of history.  Remember, this will be on a pop quiz later this week.

Myth number one --  The fence around the Armstrong House is a replica of the fence around London’s Buckingham Palace…  You will hear it daily as groups stroll and roll past the grand building on the Bull Street corner across from Forsyth Park.  In reality - and to give credit - both fences are made of metal with lance-shaped metal bars. (See Figure 1)

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2015 Entertainment Trends for #Summer in #Savannah A La Carte! Savannah Insiders from Romantic Inns of Savannah Share Early Summer Trip Tips.

SAVANNAH GA -- Instead of hot, Romantic Inns believe that summer vacations in Savannah, Georgia, will take on a new trend-setting mantra for summer vacations 2015 -- #HotSpot. Whether relaxing or exploring, whether the first trip of the fifth trip, Savannah vacation travel this summer embraces leisure that is NOT at all boring for those who visit America's most beautiful city! 
Savannah is a southern getaway spot named on USA Today's "Top Tourist Destinations in the South"
If we use only this one article's highlights -- "distinct culture of music, cuisine, and easy-going people", plus the art -- you'll discover it's a spot where you'll satisfy craving for a semi-tropical summer getaway!

Southern accents and patriotic flags add to Savannah's scenic natural landscapes, dressed in ancient trees and year around colorful flower gardens. Light-weight cotton apparel, comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, a bathing suit, sunscreen, a camera, and a smartphone. Those are the highlights for your what-to-pack list.

Let's mix up the pairings! See if these happenings (and more on our Savannah EVENT Calendar) might whet your appetite for a southern summer vacation trip to Savannah.

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Favorite Savannah, Georgia Summer Vacation Spots: "Don't Miss" Places and Things To Do from Savannah Tourism Stars, Our Romantic Inns and B&Bs

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Eager to showcase the uber local coastal Georgia experiences, our Savannah tourism stars began a 'might miss' alphabetical list of favorite things to do in early May 2015. Our historic inn owners and members of the Romantic Inns in Savannah marketing collective continue this 'things too often missed' list in the mini-hotels' travel blog post.

These insider tips are intended for tourists wanting romanticized to adventurous dining experiences -- gaining insights into what the locals love. These Savannah tips will be new ideas, too, for the Georgia coast travelers who are visiting on a second or trip #10, eager to do something new in Savannah.

So, here we go, continuing the "don't miss" Savannah vacation spots through our alphabet of highly valued suggestions and dearest insider tips -- F, G, and H today. Thank you, passionate and friendly hospitality stars who want city visitors to love Savannah, too!  

4th of July Fireworks, Urban Forest, Funky Musical Night Out, Fried Green Tomatoes, Farm to Table Dining, Silent Films, French Toast, Fishing, Fairy Lights, Fish Camp, and Forsyth Park.

Get away for a patriotic July 4th in Savannah, taking full advantage of the walkable urban forest, including Forsyth Park in the historic district, favorite cafe spots to eat, and fireworks on the Savannah River.  "I would get up early in the morning and walk/run down to Forsyth Park through the squares on Bull Street -- Wright, Chippewa, Madison, and Monterey. Taking in all of the greenery and fabulous history of each unique square," suggests Green Palm Inn's Diane Crews. This outdoor lover adds, "After breakfast I would head to the creeks or rivers to fish late morning and early afternoon. Just enjoying being out on the water, probably starting at Bull River or Lazaretto Creek. Diane also recommends farm to table dining at "Cha Bella for a nice quiet dinner, relaxing after a long travel on their patio with silent films shown on the restaurant patio wall", and Flying Fish on Wilmington Island for the crab cakes.
Little known secret: Flying Fish restaurant, located near the Bull River Marina on Wilmington Island, will clean your fresh-caught fish and serve them right up to you!

A photo posted by Stacey Horner (@sehmermaid) on

Executive Innkeeper Jane Sales at Presidents' Quarters Inn commends unique vacation spot on  Tybee Island, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Savannah's historic district. "For a great drink, send folks to Tybee to the Tybee Fish Camp (106 S. Campbell Avenue, Tybee Island) for a Cosmopolitan-the best I’ve ever had! Sit on the porch under the fairly lights to enjoy."

Many of the Romantic Inn's regularly serve French Toast on their historic inns' breakfast menus. Forsyth Park Inn touts their specialty, Croissant French Toast. Presidents' Quarters Inn shares a tempting introduction of a summer delight at this historic inn located on Oglethorpe Square. "A wonderfully light but sinfully sweet treat is Anna’s Peaches and Cream French Toast served in our courtyard for a leisurely start to a guest’s day. Recipe available upon request." 

A photo posted by AquaCurean (@aquacurean) on

Grits, The Gray, Grouper, Grills, and Greens.

Jane also recommends " Lobster Bisque at Liberty Street Grill (529 East Liberty Street) along with a Caesar Salad for a light summer supper. For heavier fare, the Pork Shanks with a 'mess of greens' at The Gray Restaurant (109 Martin Luther King Blvd.) Delicious!" The Savannah tourism pros at Forsyth Park Inn recommend Sapphire Grille, Alligator Soul, aLure, Belfords, Tubby's, Fiddlers, and Crystal Beer Parlor, especially encouraging travelers to "Try some seafood -- shrimp and grits, crab cakes, the flounder, and grouper."

Historic Inns, House Museums, and Harriet Meyerhoff. 

A long-term taxi driver told us that Savannah tourists love to see the historic homes. They love even more to get inside the beautifully restores homes. That's where the Romantic Inns' collection of historic inns really shines. Not only do those who visit Savannah browse through these historic houses, they LIVE the Savannah experience. House museums and Harriet Meyerhoff's Personalized Tours of Savannah are among the top recommendations from Forsyth Park Inn to the questions, "If you were going to spend a weekend in Savannah as a tourist, knowing what you know, what would you do?" and "What is an activity you suggest your guests do during these sultry summer days?"

A photo posted by Telfair Museums (@telfairmuseums) on

Stay tuned. These Romantic Inns tourism stars have more insider tips to enjoy Savannah up close and personal. We hope to see you soon and often!

Meanwhile, here's a link to Romantic Inns of Savannah Press Fact Sheet and here's a quick link to contact all our historic inns with one click! We invite you also to follow us on Twitter @RomanticInns and Facebook.