Friday, March 23, 2012

Savannah Haunted Tours, Savannah Sightseeing

With Savannah's beauty, rich history, and southern charm, is it any wonder the residents resist leaving?  But add in a few, less-ideal times in history, and you might just get some residents who CAN NOT leave!  Ghost hunting is a popular pastime, and Savannah's past, mystique, beauty, and charm make it an ideal destination for those who seek evidence of another form of life and death entirely.  Enjoy Savannah haunted tours during your stay at a Savannah Georgia bed and breakfast!

Named to be the most haunted city in the US by the American Institute of Parapsychology in 2002, Savannah is full of paranormal mystery and intrigue, both day and night.  The city is routinely visited by parapsychologists and both professional and amateur ghost hunters.

Among our more well-known haunted locations are the Bonaventure Cemetery, The Pirate's House restaurant, the Hampton Lillibridge House, Moon River Brewing Company, Colonial Park Cemetery, and Sorrel Weed House, to name a few.

Nearby Tybee Island boasts of its own spirits.  The north beach neighborhood is said to be home to a past resident.  Lazaretto, the quarantine area for colonial ships, passengers, and residents on the island's very western tip is said to be haunted.  And the Tybee Lighthouse Station has been named the most haunted place in America!

There are many local groups that offer ghost tours lasting between 75 minutes and 2.5 hours during the year.  Around Halloween, many longer and more in-depth hunts can be found in the area.

Even some of our member inns are rumored to have spirits of their own.  You never know who, or what, you might meet during your stay at our Savannah bed and breakfasts!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

River Street in Savannah, Savannah Attractions

Not from the Savannah area?  No matter.  You have probably still seen references to River Street in Savannah.  Mentioned here, there, and everywhere, River Street seems to have everything a visitor could ever want to see.  But does it?  What is it?  And what's there?  Rest assured that this one road has enough attractions to keep you busy for several hours of your Savannah Getaway.

A registered Historic Site, River Street is the main thoroughfare of the historic district's north side.  And, true to its name, it is also the main road along the Savannah River in the city.  Full of historical buildings and landmark, River Street also sees festivals, parades, First Friday Fireworks, and other city events.

When you arrive at River Street from your Savannah, GA bed and breakfast you will find yourself transported to historic Savannah, onto cobblestone streets with gas lanterns.  Enjoy the sight of the old cotton warehouses - centuries old - that have been converted to galleries, boutiques, antique shops, pubs, restaurants, an open-air market, and more!  Savannah's streetcar system travels through River Street, making access to any part of the riverfront easy once you are there.

Want to see River Street from the river?  Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers everything from sightseeing cruises to historic and dinner cruises along the Savannah River from which you can see much of the architecture and personality of River Street.  For something a bit different, the Savannah River Street Pirates cruises (to open in Spring, 2012) offer fun for the entire family while cruising up and down the Savannah River along River Street.  Make sure to keep an eye out for the Waving Girl during your river voyage!

Enjoy your day and evening on River Street, and then catch a streetcar back to one of our charming Savannah Inns where you can spend the evening unwinding and sharing stories with your innkeepers, other guests, or simply hide away in the comfort of your room.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tall Ships challenge Savannah, Savannah Events

2012 is the year of noted events for our beautiful city!  First the Girl Scouts' 100 Year Anniversary, then our amazing Saint Patrick's Day celebration... and now a very exciting item is being added to the
list of this year's spring Savannah Events.  Savannah GA bed and breakfasts are joining in with the rest of the city to welcome the 2012 Tall Ships Challenge to our shores!

Tall Ships America is a nonprofit organization whose goal is "to encourage character building through sail training, promote sail training to the North American public, and support education under sail."  Their Tall Ships Challenge Race is geared towards this goal, as their yearly event is a maritime series of
events featuring traditionally-rigged sailing ships crewed by youth ages 13-25 who are affiliated with Tall Ships America.

Held at a different location around the North American seaboard each year, this incredible event is a five-day festival at each Host Port featuring historic, classic ships and Navy vessels from here and abroad.  The US Coast Guard's Barque Eagle will be in attendance, as well as the HMS Bounty.  And we have it on good authority that our friends at Savannah River Street Pirates will be sailing their pirate ship Renegade during the Tall Ships festivities!

From May 3, 2012 through May 7, 2012 these amazing ships and their events will be seen on the Savannah River.  River Street and the Promenade on Hutchinson Island will be the very best spots to view these magnificent ships.

Member inns of the Romantic Inns of Savannah welcome your visit during this unforgettable event.  We look forward to adding a touch of perfect southern hospitality to your stay!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Savannah City Market, Savannah GA Shopping

The inns of Historic Savannah recommend a visit to the Savannah City Market during your stay in our beautiful city for some great Savannah, GA Shopping!

Just two blocks from River Street on Jefferson at West Saint Julian St, the City Market came to life during the mid 1700's when it became the social and commerce center of the city.  Fishermen and farmers brought their goods for sale, residents came to meet up and purchase goods, and many businesses offering daily needs of the residents were established here.  Three main market buildings came and went during the following 200 years before the Market was threatened to be eliminated for good.

But Savannah is nothing if not history-minded!  Thanks to the efforts of the Historic Savannah Foundation, the Savannah city Market is now back in business and seems to draw in both tourists and locals for good food, shopping, museums, galleries, and entertainment in this charming two-block area of shops, businesses, galleries, eateries, and attractions.

There are still sights similar to those in the early day, as horse-drawn carriages and friendly faces can be found even today.  Shops now offer everything from antiques, to Savannah-made gifts.  Restaurants vary from casual to upscale, and all offer some great tastes of the City.  Live music can often be heard throughout the area, and the clubs offer some of the best jazz in the city.

Fourteen galleries and twenty-one artistic studios will satisfy your taste of the visual arts.  Daily entertainment is also offered in the courtyards most days of the weeks, weather permitting.  Kids especially enjoy our dancing waters area, and many will brave the unknown patterns and the chance to get a little wet!  There is always something to do and see at the City Market!

Just a short distance from the market itself, you can take some time to visit the First African Baptist Church, one of the oldest 'black' churches in America, and enjoy her history and atmosphere.  You can also stop by the Ships of the Sea Museum and enjoy models of famous ships, a beautiful garden, and gift shop.

A number of special events take place in the City Market courtyards and establishments throughout the year.  Some of the more popular events are the Valentine's Day Renewal of Vows Ceremony, Holiday Open House, and annual New Year's Eve Celebration.

But make plans now to enjoy the City Market's Saint Patrick's Day events, beginning Friday, March 16, 2012, and ending at the end of Saturday, March 17, 2012.  If you aren't a fan of the huge River Street Crowds, the City Market is the perfect place to celebrate all things Irish!  You'll see lots of green, lots of dancing, and lots of fun!  Live music can be enjoyed between noon and midnight both days of the celebration.

If you aren't in town for a Savannah City Market event, please keep in mind that most area businesses close at 6pm during the week.  Restaurants and clubs are open later, of course!

So add the Savannah City Market to your To Do list during your stay at a beautiful Savannah bed and breakfast!