Friday, March 23, 2012

Savannah Haunted Tours, Savannah Sightseeing

With Savannah's beauty, rich history, and southern charm, is it any wonder the residents resist leaving?  But add in a few, less-ideal times in history, and you might just get some residents who CAN NOT leave!  Ghost hunting is a popular pastime, and Savannah's past, mystique, beauty, and charm make it an ideal destination for those who seek evidence of another form of life and death entirely.  Enjoy Savannah haunted tours during your stay at a Savannah Georgia bed and breakfast!

Named to be the most haunted city in the US by the American Institute of Parapsychology in 2002, Savannah is full of paranormal mystery and intrigue, both day and night.  The city is routinely visited by parapsychologists and both professional and amateur ghost hunters.

Among our more well-known haunted locations are the Bonaventure Cemetery, The Pirate's House restaurant, the Hampton Lillibridge House, Moon River Brewing Company, Colonial Park Cemetery, and Sorrel Weed House, to name a few.

Nearby Tybee Island boasts of its own spirits.  The north beach neighborhood is said to be home to a past resident.  Lazaretto, the quarantine area for colonial ships, passengers, and residents on the island's very western tip is said to be haunted.  And the Tybee Lighthouse Station has been named the most haunted place in America!

There are many local groups that offer ghost tours lasting between 75 minutes and 2.5 hours during the year.  Around Halloween, many longer and more in-depth hunts can be found in the area.

Even some of our member inns are rumored to have spirits of their own.  You never know who, or what, you might meet during your stay at our Savannah bed and breakfasts!

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