Thursday, December 18, 2014

Historic Savannah, Georgia: Romantic Inns Laud Rich Travel Immersion, Enticingly Affordable in January

SAVANNAH Georgia -- January is a exciting month to visit and stay in Savannah, Georgia USA! Why? Lower lodging rates and deals, reduced crowds, new restaurants (The Gray and The Florence) and pub (The Collins) openings, flowering gardens, lower gas prices for one-tank trips, plus there is HISTORY!
Lowering gas prices make a quick “one tank” last minute getaway from Atlanta, north Georgia, South Carolina or Florida possible. Gas in some places around Savannah is down to $2.18 per gallon.
Savannah in winter ... colorful camellias, a
delightful surprise, added to 'no-snow" winters
full of greenery in nature! 
Skipping through Georgia and Savannah history it's easy to find historic places which pair well with contemporary local immersion travel. "History is not boring in Savannah; it melds into everyday life here," clarifies Jackie Heinz, owner of Zeigler House Inn and marketing chair for the Savannah Romantic Inns marketing collective.

"Staying in one of the our Romantic Inns, cultural travelers can immerse into the richest Savannah experience. When travelers become temporary locals, as lodging guests in our historic inns, we share new ways to visit southern style, dine, tour, and celebrate priceless American historic moments in Savannah, Georgia, the first capitol of America's thirteenth colony founded in 1733," Jackie adds.

All of the Romantic Inns of Savannah are near historic sites in Savannah's National Landmark Historic District. We have grabbed historical dates in January for a tad of meaningful strolling, running, walking, or biking through the historic district. Innkeepers will generously share ways to immerse into a rich Savannah experience on topics of interest to the inns' guests.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Announcing: Our Historic Savannah Inns Will Support Weddings for Warriors' Military Weddings in 2015

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Today we announce the devoted, privately owned Romantic Inns in Savannah, Georgia -- the smallest of this city's historic bed and breakfasts -- enthusiastically support Weddings for Warriors in Savannah, providing 22 gifted military weddings in 2015!  We are so pleased to participate again to honor a few of America's military couples in a very special way.
Weddings for Warriors, founded in Savannah, Georgia USA by Savannah wedding professionals, will host twenty-two (22) complimentary military weddings in Savannah, Georgia, on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. 
Military Weddings for Warriors in Savannah Georgia USA | Photo James Byous Photography
The Savannah Weddings for Warriors' grand reception, hosted
at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.
Courtesy Photo (c) James Byous.
Beyond hospitality and top-tier lodging in the historic district -- juggling relaxation, bucket lists, and travel pleasures for traveling guests -- local Romantic Inns owners flock to be active in neighborhood outreach, culture, society, and community philanthropy.

As part of a year around effort to honor America's military families, many of our Romantic Inns of Savannah B&B owners are busy already assisting the Weddings for Warriors Project in Savannah, Georgia USA for the mid-January 2015 weddings. For months now bed and breakfast inn owners have accelerated efforts, adding volunteer enthusiasm and resources to accomplish the wedding plans and behind the scene logistics for what will be ONE full day of weddings in Savannah.

During this week of Thanksgiving, this blog post is to say, "America's military couples, thanks for giving of yourselves"! 

We want to extend this thanks further now, adding our best wishes, along with our small business gratitude for these opportunities through Weddings for Warriors to be "giving"!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Romantic Inns Savannah Exclusive: "History at Our Doorsteps" by James Byous

History tourism in Savannah, Georgia USA comes to life in this exclusive blog post, "History at Our Doorsteps", by photographer and historian James Byous ( Jim Byous points to mapped Savannah historical places in his engaging storyteller's narrative. The scholar outlines the close proximity of the restored historic homes of Romantic Inns of Savannah to American Revolutionary battlegrounds and Civil War historical places in Savannah, Georgia. 

When you plan your up close and personal visit in Savannah, we hope you will book your lodging stay with Romantic Inns in Savannah -- the small, privately owned lodging inns located within the story-rich National Landmark Historic District. 

Romantic Inn's Savannah historic district bed and breakfast lodging is near battlegrounds of American Revolution and Civil War encampments
Romantic Inns of Savannah's historic district lodging homes are
overlain on the Prevost Map that was drawn by British Engineers for
their military records. -- James Byous,
"History at Our Doorsteps" by James Byous,

Savannah Georgia’s history is literally at the doorsteps and front yards of the homes and businesses in its Historic District. It’s often said that history here is like trudging through a thick soup. That or a boggy slurry of things long past. Stop for a quick drink, you’re hanging out in a space where pirates once drowned their thirsts. Stop for coffee, you’re standing where the Liberty Boys stood. Have a fine meal, Civil War graffiti adorns the wall. Run your hand along a brick wall and your fingers brush the prints of slaves who shifted and positioned wet clay two hundred years before.

Being here is sometimes like being there -- back there in time -- that is if you are one of the many folks who say they can feel history. Feeling history is hard to explain to those who unconsciously skip across the surface of the nebulous bouillabaisse of antiquity. Those of us who don’t or can’t or won’t find it pleasurable. Take any route through the city and some small morsel from the consommĂ©, here or there, will reward you for your trudging onward.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Uber Local Savannah Travel Tips: Romantic Inns Share Girlfriends Getaway, What To Eat and Do in America's Most Beautiful City

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 28, 2014) -- Today we share a few excellent cues from Savannah natives who 'do Savannah' ... every year or so. An annual girls getaway in Savannah is such a fantastic idea!

Old Savannah Tours in the Savannah historic district is girlfriends getaway top picks
History comes alive with actors hopping onboard
the trolley along the route: Old Savannah Tour's
sightseeing tours in Savannah, Georgia's
National Landmark Historic District

Savannah-born Friends Meet Up to Visit Savannah, Georgia 

We know three Savannah native gals, now among the sixty-something generation, who meet up in Savannah every year or so to do sentimental and fun things. Savannah's pace suits them even in their senior years -- sitting the surf at Tybee Island beach, taking cooking classes at Christmas time, and catching up on what's new in town and with each other.

In October 2014 the trio toured and learned Savannah facts they did not know on an Old Savannah Trolley Tour, visited SCAD Museum of Art, breakfasted at Clary's Cafe, enjoyed supper at The Florence, Hugh Acheson's new Savannah restaurant, and made their 'must-do' pilgrimage to Leopold's Ice Cream shop. The ice cream parlor is where the memorable ice cream is mouth-watering delicious, like they remembered, and the jukebox still plays swing hits and Auld Lang Syne for one dime.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Honeymoon and Wedding Couples, Friends and Family Adore the Historic Inns in Savannah GA for Wedding Lodging and Small Wedding Elopements

SAVANNAH, Georgia (September 28, 2014) -- Small, affordable honeymoons and wedding plans become a reality when wedding couples engage historic Savannah bed and breakfasts in the National Landmark Historic District.

For a beautiful "Here's to forever!" elopement wedding, begin with a rain-or-shine southern welcome for your intimate wedding in many of the historic Savannah inn's bed and breakfast setting -- mansion parlors, private gardens, or in picture-perfect Forsyth Park or world-famous Savannah squares.

Savannah's legendary friendly, mannerly residents and accommodating southern hospitality add to the ease and enjoyment of a memorable small southern wedding or honeymoon here in America's most beautiful city!

Many of the Romantic Inns of Savannah host intimate small elopement and garden weddings. Honeymoon, wedding packages and elopement package deals are posted on member websites (links below).  All of our small Savannah historic inns offer wedding lodging in the historic district.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Entertainment Trends for #Christmas in #Savannah A La Carte! Savannah Insiders from Romantic Inns of Savannah Share Early Holiday Trip Tips.

SAVANNAH Georgia (September 24, 2014; updated November 25, 2014 ) -- Honestly, we are not advocates of Christmas creep. However, we are about to burst with the happy trends we are seeing for 2014 Christmas holidays in Savannah, Georgia USA. We cannot hold back! [Yes, we will up update this continually.]

2014 Southern Christmas Travel Tips from Romance Inns in Savannah Georgia USA
Playful Christmas window decor at
Paris Market, a popular gift shopping
place in downtown Savannah, GA.
Photo (c) Sandy Traub. Used
with permission.
A Christmas Holiday Vacation in Savannah is Far More Than a Visit to the City Where Jingle Bells Began. 

In 2014, the festive season includes 38 days / five weekends to feast and frolic, indulge in sacred places and rollick in a tad of tomfoolery. Travelers pick and choose to fully wallow and outbeam one another in the southern-style, friendly Christmas holiday spirit in Savannah, Georgia USA.

In Savannah, Georgia USA the Christmas holiday season is Friday, November 28, 2014 (the day after the USA Thanksgiving Day) through the twelve days of Christmas that end Monday, January 5, 2015.

It's a spirit of a vibrant southern USA adventure, a la carte, for a holiday getaway in Savannah full of individual interests -- music, nostalgia, architecture, worship, culture, green and coastal outdoors!  Travelers can take full advantage of Savannah's mild, no-snow winters. 

For the first-time visitor to this southern USA exploration in Savannah. Georgia, expect to find a southern Christmas postcard scene come alive ... with surprising creative flair and variety!

Hosting Savannah’s holiday guests is a special talent shared by the best of the historic district’s luxury bed-and-breakfast inns -- Romantic Inns of Savannah. Here's a glimpse of holiday season events in Savannah.

Holiday outings in Savannah afford special occasion getaway appeal.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Inns Magazine Features Romantic Inns of Savannah, Georgia in August 2014 Issue

SAVANNAH, Georgia (August 20, 2014) -- "The beautiful Romantic Inns of Savannah - Just featured in the Fall issue of Inns E-Magazine" was exciting news to read in the B&B association's Facebook post from Inns Magazine.

Inns Magazine spotlights Romantic Savannah Inns in August 2014; Savannah GA named "Best Fall Getaways" by US Travel News
Inns Magazine highlights Romantic Savannah in its Fall Escapes 2014, August 2014 issue.  "It's a wonderful echo that is perfectly timed!" states Jackie Heinz, marketing chair for the Savannah inns' association.

In August 2014, #Savannah was named #4 on @USNewsTravel's list of the "14 Best Fall Getaways!"


In the Inns Magazine feature, the City of Savannah -- Hostess City of the South -- gets a nod not just for its rich history and world-famous architecture, "but for the warm, welcome people who live there."

"We are extremely pleased that Romantic Inns in Savannah endeared the magazine's editor, Mary Hughes, to align our historic bed and breakfast inns with Savannah's reputation for a friendly welcome, synonymous with southern hospitality at its best," states Jackie Heinz of Zeigler House Inn.

"Happily, each of our twelve Romantic Inns in Savannah serves as a poster star of B&B tourism in America's most beautiful city -- Savannah, Georgia USA!" adds Diane Crews of Green Palm Inn, co-chair of the marketing committee. "Jeepers! Let's give our little historic Savannah inns a great big HOORAY!" 

The Romantic Savannah story is on page 17, available here online

About Romantic Inns of Savannah

A collective marketing association of family-owned historic home inns (circa 1855-1898), Romantic Inns of Savannah LLC interprets and romanticizes southern hospitality a dozen different ways in Savannah, Georgia USA -- renown as North America's most beautiful city. Let Savannah Romance You!™ is the invitation from the non-profit organization. Situated along the southeast Atlantic Ocean coast, Savannah's National Landmark Historic District (2.5 miles) is home to the city's smallest to grand Golden Era restored home inns — private carriage houses to 16-room European-style town homes and mansions — that dot prestigious, quiet residential neighborhoods downtown. Elite among America's original 13 colonies, Savannah is prized for its southern traditions, award-winning architecture that survived the American Civil War (1861-1865), urban and coastal landscapes, the arts, heritage festivals, and international commerce. For more information --, Twitter @RomanticInns, Facebook and Pinterest. Press Contact: Jackie Heinz, innkeeper @ zeiglerhouseinn [dot] com, or Diane Crews, GreenPalmInn @ aol [dot] com.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Take Romantic Savannah in Romantic Stride: Romantic Art, Literary and Cafe Places, Plus Tybee Beach Near Savannah!

SAVANNAH Georgia (July 16, 2014) -- Isn't it time to add a refreshing splash to your summer vacation? We have ideas for a few romantic Savannah days -- lunch in the museum, romantic literary and cafe spots, plus water sports, picnicking on a Tybee Island beach with kayaking or paddle boarding -- lessons, too if you want!

Let Savannah Romance You!

The historic Savannah + Tybee beach getaway makes for an affordable town-to-beach vacation, even for a quick or last minute getaway.
Of course, we would love for you to stay at one of our dozen Romantic Inns of Savannah. Check out the summer special dealsOne click and your inquiry is immediately emailed to all our Savannah romantic B&B inns at once.

Where are the romantic spots in Savannah? 
We'll share a few ideas that we think you'll love, and have posted even more romantic ideas in our Pinterest board. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Unlike Savannah GA Hotels, Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfasts Offer Unique, Uber Local Sweet Spots in Savannah Tourism

"Let Savannah Romance You"™
is the invitation from
Romantic Inns of Savannah GA

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 23, 2014) -- Too often overlooked for uber local Savannah travel, there are charming Savannah historic district accommodation choices beyond downtown motels or hotels in Savannah GA.

Let Savannah Romance You! 

The innkeepers of Savannah Romantic Inns encourage those visiting Savannah, especially for an in depth southern lifestyle experience, to book rooms or a romantic suite in the family-owned historic Savannah bed and breakfasts. Romantic Inns in the historic district are the top-tier, mini hotels, offering historic lodging places near popular attractions, landmarks in Savannah's National Landmark Historic District, the best Savannah restaurants, and things to do in Savannah downtown.

Top searches for hotel lodging in Savannah GA are a match, too, with Romantic Savannah Inns in the historic district downtown. Yet, Romantic Inns are an ideal fit, unique and offer more individualist choices.

Surprisingly, nearly one-half of our historic
Savannah bed and breakfasts in the
Romantic Inns B&B association offer furkid /
dog-friendly accommodations in the historic district.

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    Romantic Inns in Savannah Share One Wonderful Day: What To Do in Savannah GA

    SAVANNAH Georgia (June 11, 2014) -- Here we share a few ideas for what to do in Savannah -- ideas of things to do in Savannah from a few Romantic Inns members, the small, historic and family-owned bed and breakfasts in Savannah, Georgia's historic district.
    Walk Forsyth Park and see the famous French fountain |
    Savannah's central park in the Landmark Historic District
    Photo © Sandy Traub

    Make your Savannah getaway budget friendly too with Summer deals and the Romantic Inns' specials discounts, posted on the Romantic Inns of Savannah web site link here.

    Day One Savannah Itinerary Ideas from Zeigler House Inn

    8:00 am Rise and shine and enjoy freshly baked goodies in room or on our southern porch.
    9:00 am Stroll to the Visitor’s Center for a look around the museum and proceed to the north parking lot to board your trolley tour.
    11:00 am Depart the trolley and go in search for the perfect lunch spot. Maybe back to Jones Street for lunch at Wilkes House restaurant or if you don’t want to wait in line, how about the Crystal Beer Parlor.
    1:00 pm Head to the Telfair Museum for your three property ticket to tour the Telfair Museum, Jepson Center for the Arts, and the Owen Thomas House.

    Friday, May 16, 2014

    2014 Memorial Day Weekend in Savannah: Travel Tips from Romantic Inns in Savannah GA

    SAVANNAH Georgia (May 16, 2014) -- For Memorial Day Weekend in Savannah, get away to gentle climates and quiet, patriotic days and nights.

    Patriotic Savannah GA historic district
    flags are flying on Oglethorpe Avenue
    Victorian townhomes.
    Photo © Sandy Traub
    The city itself is a spectacular destination worth the trip and worth the anticipation to explore. Especially in Savannah’s beautiful springtime one does not need events. Yet, we have put together a few things to do in Savannah, Tybee Island, and Hilton Head Island that you may have not considered (below).

    Recommendations from our innkeepers:  embrace Savannah’s unique places and southern style.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    Romantic Inns in #Savannah Announce Summer Deals and Welcome JetBlue's Boston to Savannah Direct Flights

    SAVANNAH Georgia (May 6, 2014) -- A dozen Romantic Inns in Savannah, Georgia USA invite Bostonians and northeast USA fliers to take advantage of JetBlue's budget-minded air fares and direct flights -- Boston to Savannah -- and the bed and breakfast inns' summer discounts and summer deals.

    Savannah River Boat cruise on the Savannah River
    Photo © Jerry Harris
    Sister cities, Savannah and Boston, exude that near perfect combination of fun-loving leisure, amazing climate, indomitable people, beautiful scenery, and fascinating American history. JetBlue has recently paired the Atlantic Coast cities with direct flights.

    Romantic Inns of Savannah welcomes the budget-minded airline by offering 2014 summer lodging deals to entice Boston area travelers to the "Hostess City of the South" during summer vacations. The airline is offering deals, too. According to the JetBlue web site's  “Plan A Trip” online, flights Boston, MA (BOS) to Savannah, GA (SAV) are on sale through January 2015.

    The Sister Cities Are Unique But Different: Boston And Savannah

    Monday, March 24, 2014

    #Savannah Through the Decades: The Sixties' "Not So Fast" Era. Coming to Grips With Historic Preservation.

    SAVANNAH Georgia (March 23, 2014) -- We thought you might be surprised to learn that the Savannah romantic / historic inn owners don't drive vintage cars that match the color of the house.

    Actually, that thought bridges the stories we'll share -- "Savannah Through the Decades: The Sixties".

    Much like the spirit of The Sixties, the small indulgence of owning a Mustang correlates nicely with how progressive Savannah is. One of our Savannah Romantic Inns' owners drives a 2013 Ford Mustang convertible. Are you old enough to remember the buzz when Mustangs first rolled out in 1964, or do you remember reading or hearing about the excitement from your parents or grandparents? After fifty years, the popularity still thrives!

    Similar to the example of owning a Ford Mustang convertible, overall this southern belle of a city has a pretty conservative way of life, with some southern vivaciousness thrown small doses! Even our little glance back to learn and connect dots of history here feel pretty tame after we refreshed our reading about 1960s love fests, hippie movements, psychedelic temptations, and the iconic Woodstock Festival that happened elsewhere in America.

    Our Romantic Inns thought you might enjoy skipping through highlights of how and where the 1960s touched (and still touches) Savannah, Georgia USA.

    Some local natives will recall that showing up for a beach shag music party, playing on Tybee Island pier,  was a pretty hip thing to do. As a matter of fact those beach music band events still happen, most memorably on Labor Day weekend. Tybee Island's still a fun place to be -- for young and old!

    Savannah Union Station served the role of
    the city's central railroad depot for sixty years,
    from its construction in 1902 until its closure in
    1962 and eventual demolition in 1963.
    Source: Library of Congress

    The decade of the 1960s in this charming, southern belle of a city could easily be considered the debutante to a southern ball that is entitled "Progress, Yes! but Not-so-fast!"

    This would be especially accurate from the time when seven women wielded their money, influence, and no-nonsense southern charm in order to stall how rapidly developers were tearing down the city's magnificent buildings.

    Undeterred, the now-famous seven women set momentum in place to the betterment of Savannah. New construction was deemed inappropriate for downtown, especially when it meant old buildings had to be sacrificed. Their actions were spurred by earlier demolitions of the magnificent DeSoto Hotel, Old City Market place on Ellis Square, and Union Station railroad depot (left) located on West Broad Street (later renamed Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard).

    At the time the railroad depot (circa 1902) was in the way of a new Interstate 16 route that would dump traffic into downtown Savannah.

    Thursday, February 13, 2014

    Romantic Inns' B&B Innkeepers Dine in Style at Chart House Restaurant in Savannah Where Happy Dining Experiences Are Assured

    SAVANNAH Georgia (February 11, 2014) -- The Savannah bed and breakfast innkeepers entertain 365/24/7. Not with simply a comfy, warm bed for the evening, our romantic B&Bs offer unique historic inn hospitality in Savannah, Georgia that is more in tune with the happy spirit of Let Me Entertain You, the song written by Stephen Sondhein and Jule Tyne.

    Michael F. Bailey, Managing Director at the Chart House,
    welcoming the Romantic Inns of Savannah bed
    and breakfast innkeepers.
    The distinctive dining restaurant is located on
    overlooking River Street on the historic
    Savannah harbor bluff downtown.
    The final line is "And we'll have a real good time." [Lyrics below]

    That means knowing with unquestioning confidence where the best of Savannah is assured, before we recommend it. Our reputations as hospitality experts is on the line, too!

    On Tuesday night, it was a wonderful treat for our Romantic Inns of Savannah members to be invited and hosted by Chart House restaurant. It was a welcomed and unique evening of food and wine tasting, socializing (or visiting, as we call it in the south).  

    The cuisine, ambiance and distinctive flair of Chart House dining made the evening worthy of photos (below)!  Here's your chance to meet the Romantic Inns' innkeepers!

    "An active part of the picturesque and thriving Savannah riverfront, Chart House epitomizes the best of modern-day and colonial-era Savannah," adds marketing chairperson Jackie Heinz of Zeigler House Inn. "We thank Chart House owner, Landry's, Inc., for its role to keep 'Savannah moving forward today without forsaking its past', as Kathryn Foster described the city momentum (Deserert News, 1991)."

    For member innkeepers who often recommend Chart House, there were no surprises: another enjoyable meal and memorable evening. For those Romantic Inns members less familiar with Chart House, the fashionable restaurant became an immediate hit, especially with director Michael Bailey's assurance to please our discerning Savannah B&B travelers. 
    Our evening of fine food and wine featured Frenched Lamb chops with a lovely black currant glaze or chutney,Calamari served with a chilia sauce, Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto, Oyster Sliders, Homemade plantain and pita, several variations of hummus including roasted red pepper edamame.  A link to the Chart House dinner menu is here.  The popular restaurant recently announced it is open for lunch also on Saturday and Sunday (11 a.m. - 3 p.m.).
    The Frommer's guide review shares a succinct back story for the prime location of this popular fine dining restaurant: "Overlooking the Savannah River and Riverfront Plaza, "the home of the mud pie" is part of a nationwide chain -- and one of the better ones. It's housed in a building that predates 1790, reputed to be the oldest masonry structure in Georgia and once a sugar-and-cotton warehouse. You can enjoy a view of passing ships on the outside deck, perhaps ordering an appetizer and a drink before dinner. The bar is one of the most atmospheric along the riverfront...."

    We hope you'll choose soon to "Let Us Entertain You!"  

    Below are a few introductions to stars in Savannah's lodging community -- local inn owners and long-time innkeepers. These photos were taken during our wonderful evening at Chart House in Savannah, Georgia USA (February 11, 2014). We will post more photos of the evening in our Facebook page. Meanwhile, follow us also on Twitter and Pinterest to learn more of our innkeeper's secrets and ideas.

    Contact all of our inns, at once, any time using this link.
    Lori Glass, innkeeper at Forsyth Park Inn, which
    overlooks Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah, GA
    Rick Glass of Forsyth Park Inn, where porch rocking
    overlooking Savannah's central park is picture perfect!
    Cindy Celento of McMillan Inn, a small luxury B&B located
    on Huntingdon Street near Forsyth Park.
    Robbie Bell owner of Savannah Villas, including 109 West
    (a luxury mansion vacation rental)
    and Broughton Street B&B.
    Jane Reed of Amethyst Inn at Sarah's Garden,
    one of historic Savannah's Victorian "Painted Ladies",
    located on Gaston Street near Forsyth Park

    Rocky Reed of Amethyst Inn at Sarah's Garden,
    a popular family-friendly and pet-friendly
    historic B&B inn.
    Debbie Saxman of Whitaker Huntingdon Inn, which
    overlooks Forsyth Park, Savannah's central park
    Bill Saxman of Whitaker Huntingdon Inn

    Jane Sales, Executive Innkeeper at Presidents' Quarters
    Inn, located on Oglethorpe Square next to
    Telfair's Owens-Thomas House.
    (foreground left) Monique Armstrong of Armstrong Inns
    This group photo at Romantic Inns of Savannah social
    introduces B&B innkeepers and most of the owners
    who invest millions in historic lodging properties
    and Savannah hospitality services annually.
    Jackie Heinz, innkeeper of Zeigler House Inn,
    recently featured on Eat It and Like It, a Savannah
    food-themed review TV program.
    The inn is located on Jones Street,
    neighbors with the famed Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.

    Diane McCray and Gary Crews of Green Palm Inn,
    recently featured on Wheel of Fortune.
    Let me entertain you
    Let me make you smile
    Let me do a few tricks
    Some old and then some new tricks
    I'm very versatile
    And if you're real good
    I'll make you feel good
    I want your spirits too climb
    So let me entertain you
    And we'll have a real good time, yes sir
    We'll have a real good time
    And if you're real good
    I'll make you feel good
    I want your spirits to climb
    Let me entertain you
    And we'll have a real good time
              Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing

    Copyright © 2014 Romantic Inns of Savannah / Photos: Sandy Traub 

    Friday, January 31, 2014

    Romantic Foods Of Love In #Savannah: A Roadmap to Valentine's Best Foods or Any Day Romantic Weekend On The #Georgia Coast!

    SAVANNAH Georgia (January 27, 2014) --- To savor the romantic foods of love in America's Deep South, get away to Savannah for a Valentine's Day weekend or romantic getaway any day.

    From classic southern standouts to serendipitously scatting about, Romantic Inns in Savannah opens up a swath of ideas (a red carpet to their secrets!) for a romantic getaway to romantic places and romantic foods you may have overlooked. Check out these romantic places on our Pinterest board -- Romantic Foods of Love in Savannah, Georgia USA.
    “There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection.... Under no circumstances can the food be omitted.” ― Judith Martin [italics and bold added for emphasis.]
    The classic food of love -- a red Bordeaux
    dessert wine and Chocolate Torte at
    The Olde Pink House on Reynolds Square
    in Savannah's National Landmark
    Historic District. Photo © Sandy Traub

    Let Savannah Romance You!   ... Arrive any time!

    It's easy to romanticize about Savannah's by-gone Golden Era amid 18th Century historic squares and 19th Century historic architecture. The Romantic Inns' innkeepers will help you to find unexpected romance, foods of love, wine, and southern romance amid your adventures on historic Georgia's USA east coast.

    Begin here! We'll introduce you to romantic places to find foods of love -- Alcohol, Almond, Asparagus, Avocado, Banana, Basil, Caviar, Champagne, Chocolate, Figs., Garlic, Ginseng, Honey, Hot Chilies, Pomegranates, Oysters, Radish, Red wine, Salmon, Truffles, Vanilla, Walnuts, and Watermelon.

    Savannah's most romantic restaurant spots are often housed in reinvented mansions like The Olde Pink House, or colonial-era warehouses that serve up fine dining today at favorites like Alligator Soul or Vic's on the River, or the sophisticated auto service garage that is the popular, modern-day Soho South with a new menu and happy-chic-meets-eclectic-interior decor.

    "Why not start at The Olde Pink House restaurant, a Savannah classic," recommends Diane McCray of Green Palm Inn.  "Start with an appetizer of Blackened Oysters on the Half Shell, watermelon relish, pear and apricot chutney, green tomato chow chow. Or, simply stop for dessert -- the Praline Basket that includes almonds, or the Chocolate Torte (left in photo), with sparkling red wine."

    Serving French cuisine in Savannah, Brassiere features Fresh Catch of ricotta gnocchi, arugula pistou, roasted mushrooms, lemon caviar sauce.
    "When we stopped at Brassiere the chef reminded us of the restaurant's Valentine's Day (February 14, 2014) tasting -- $85/per person. It is already three-quarters booked, he advised.
    If you are early diners or simply prefer something lighter during the day, here are two really nice ideas: (1) From the Jepson Museum Cafe try Prosciutto, Fig and Brie Panini with arugula and honey sage butter. (2) And from Gryphon cafe located on Madison Square, select Prosciutto, fig spread, goat cheese and arugula on toasted country bread.
    Le Chai wine shop at Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah,
    featuring a climate controlled wine cellar.
    Photo © Adam Kuehl / Sandy Traub
    A delightful Saturday-only option is to wonder in  the open-air Forsyth Farmer's Market (near Park Avenue on the south end) to pick up farm fresh asparagus, garlic, hot chilies, breakfast radishes, walnuts and watermelon. While you're in the neighborhood, stop into Le Chai for a bottle or two of delightfully sexy red or rose' wine. Specializing in the wines of Europe the wine shop proprietor, Christian Depken offers impeccable recommendations. After all, you're right at Forsyth Park, a prime spot for an impromptu romantic picnic!  

    The Romantic Inns' innkeepers are the historic Savannah bed and breakfast insiders, always in tune to the romantic things to do in Savannah and the most romantic places to eat in Savannah. They know well the colonnades of best places where it's wonderfully easy to romanticize in Georgia's Oldest City -- lingering under the Live Oak tree arbors or southern balconies, or dining on veranda-like porches and hidden gardens.

    Here is a unique Savannah romantic dinner idea:
    Reserve the Whitfield Square gazebo for a
    catered, romantic evening for two!
    Photo courtesy GA Economic Development
    Romantic Foods of Love | Great Tips from Presidents' Quarters Inn

    • For alcohol, The Distillery specializes in infused alcohols, like a jalapeno vodka that the unique, retro pub uses  use for their Bloody Mary.  It is not a set menu for what they have, it changes just like the craft beers that are constantly changing.
    • For avocado, Tequila Town has the best guacamole that they make tableside to order.
    • For banana, the Crystal Beer Parlor, has a Banana Egg Roll dessert that has peanut butter and banana inside a crispy fried wonton, served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Also for bananas, Presidents' Quarters offers Banana Foster French Toast -- French Toast topped with a buttery, caramelized brown sugar and banana mixture! Dessert for breakfast, so to speak!
    “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” ― Charles M. Schulz
    • For truffles -- chocolate truffles, I would say Adam Turoni, who has Chocolat by Adam Turoni shop on Broughton Street. Adam uses Savannah Bee Company honey to make truffles. The local honey is inside! Wright Square CafĂ© has chocolate truffles with chilies inside -- a great combination of sweet and spicy!
    Romantic Foods of Love | A Romantic Evening from Zeigler House Inn 
    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own
    • Let’s start off the evening with a romantic carriage ride to dinner. Weaving through the moss draped streets at dusk inside a beautiful carriage cannot be beat for romantic ambiance. 
    • For dinner, Alligator Soul is my choice for a cozy dinner for two. To start the meal a cocktail named Etta James will go well with their Oysters a la Soul and the smooth jazz and blues that always seems to be playing in the background. For the main course, my fave is the duck but anything from this menu is sure to please. Pair that with a nice bottle of wine from their ample wine list and you have the perfect dinner.
    • After dinner a stroll up Barnard Street to Factor’s Walk and down to the House of Mata Hari’s, Savannah’s speakeasy for a martini and dancing to live music. 
    • To top off the night I think a trip to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar for a little chocolate fondue for two and a glass of Champagne to toast the end to a perfect romantic evening in Savannah.
    Romantic Ideas, Uniquely Savannah! | Southern Places & Food from McMillan Inn
    • Stop by Hueys on the River for a great riverside view and a warm beignet, served all day long.
    • Visit the Roundhouse Railroad Museum and walk aboard a Caboose to see what living quarters would have been like for the Caboose crew. Executive Cars from America's Romantic Era, and newly restored box cars are available to view. You will learn the history of the Southern Railroad when you hop aboard the train for a short ride.
    • While strolling on Broughton Street take a minute to stop in the Savannah Bee Company to sample southern, local honey. The Tupelo honey (harvested in Georgia), Sourwood, and Achaia are just a few of the selections available to taste. Try honeycomb too! It is a fun time and yummy experience.  
    This southern romantic city brims with an aura of visual and historic beauty. Epitomizing the friendly people who enhance the welcoming experience, each B&B owner and innkeeper happily shares romantic ideas of things to do, places to see, and and what's best to eat and where.

    We're always ready to help, and we make it easy to contact all of us! Email all the inns at once here.  Follow and chat with us via Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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      Friday, January 24, 2014

      Romantic Inns' Members Support Weddings for Warriors, Pro Bono Military Weddings in Savannah GA

      SAVANNAH Georgia (January 24, 2014) --  Gifted military weddings in Savannah are becoming a happy tradition. Annually, the Savannah-based, one-day spectacular event of Weddings for Warriors stops the presses and leads the television coverage. Why? Who can pass up the opportunity to give a roaring, respectful "Thank you!" to our USA military families?!    

      Savannah GA Weddings for Warriors photo © Beacon Photography / Michael P. Edde
      Savannah Weddings for Warriors photo
      in Chippewa Square by Michael P. Edde,
      Beacon Photography.
      Photo used with permission.
      Many of our Romantic Inns of Savannah members passionately accepted the invitation from the Weddings for Warriors team for our Savannah bed and breakfast inns to take active roles. Through three years of support -- time, contributions, and passion for this tribute to honor our military families -- we know firsthand how very generous and eager to give that our Savannah hospitality community is!


      Innkeepers Diane McCray at Green Palm Inn and Jackie Heinz from Zeigler House Inn first helped with steaming dresses and welcoming at the reception two years ago. This year they took on bigger roles to coordinate the grand reception and pre-event logistics. Joined by Jane Sales and Anna Sales from Presidents' Quarters Inn, and Lori Glass from Forsyth Park Inn all four inns were back with hearty support for the January 15, 2014 weddings in Savannah, Georgia.

      Generous gift certificates for future Savannah B&B stays came also from more Romantic Inns -- Armstrong Inns, McMillian Inn, Olde Savannah Inn, and Savannah Villas.
       “...It is a proud privilege to be a soldier – a good soldier … [with] discipline, self-respect, pride in his unit and his country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to his superiors, and a self confidence born of demonstrated ability.” ― George S. Patton Jr.

      Talk about pay it forward! For the 2014 Weddings for Warrior project, devoted innkeepers went a step further, extending invitations to their staffs to volunteer.  Eagerly responding, staff members redoubled the efforts from the small Savannah B&Bs, taking in important roles in the eleven beautiful weddings and two receptions. The pre-event reception was hosted by Laura and Fred Mackey at The Mackey House at Red Gate Farm, a plantation special events and wedding venue. The second party was the now-traditional grand reception -- complete with wedding cakes, honor guards, DJ and dancing, and toasts for the military brides, grooms, and their closest family. This year the highlight event was held at The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force near Savannah.  
      You'll see more about the Mighty Eighth Air Force when the HBO series, spearheaded by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, airs!


      When small bed and breakfast inns call on other top-of-their-field small businesses for donations, they know well they are using up precious reciprocity. Small businesses can only do so much pro bono.

      Happily, however, Savannah hospitality and tourism businesses came to the plate, donating resources to generously extend thanks to military families during the 2014 Savannah Weddings for Warriors. On this list we thank those that our Romantic Inns' bed and breakfasts in Savannah work with daily and came to the fore for our military families.  There are hundreds of volunteers and businesses that we are confident the Weddings for Warrior project will identify for you soon.

      When you get an opportunity, please say "Thank you!" back to these USA military-loving and supportive businesses.  
      • Alligator Soul
      • A.Lure
      • Armstrong Inns
      • Baker’s Pride
      • Cha Bella
      • Crystal Beer Parlor
      • Elizabeth’s on 37th
      • Forsyth Park Inn - 1 B&B stay
      • GeoVista Credit Union
      • Green Palm Inn - 1 B&B stay
      • In Any Event Catering
      • International Gourmet Foods
      • Kiwi Fleur
      • Lulu’s Chocolate Bar
      • McMillan Inn - 2 B&B stays
      • Old Savannah Tours
      • Olde Savannah Inn - 1 B&B stays
      • One Fish, Two Fish
      • Presidents' Quarters Inn - 3 B&B stays
      • Ranco Party Rentals
      • Saavy Tours
      • The Salt Table
      • Savannah Bee Honey
      • Savannah Menu
      • Savannah Villas - 1 B&B stay
      • Zeigler House Inn - 2 B&B stays
      The United States Marine Corps might say, "Oorah", "Hooah, the US Army and "Hooyah" the US Navy and US Coast Guard.  We want to join in and hope our small gestures will say more loudly, "God bless us every one." We thank each one who took part in any way. 

      Copyright © Romantic Inns of Savannah / Sandy Traub

      Savannah Tourism Stars Are Romantic Savannah B&Bs! 1895 Inn Among Top B&Bs / Inns in 2014 TripAdvisor® Travelers' Choice Awards

      SAVANNAH Georgia (January 23, 2014) -- In yesterday morning's television newscasts and on USA Today we learned that a Romantic Inns of Savannah member, The 1895 Inn, ranks tops in the TripAdvisor® 2014 Travelers' Choice Awards. Congratulations, Ed Bryant and Bob Ray!

      Complimentary gourmand breakfast of French Toast
      savory sausage, and fresh fruits at Green Palm Inn
      The small Savannah bed and breakfast was named among the "Top 25 B&Bs and Inns in the United States".  Located on Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah's National Landmark Historic District, daily 1895 Inn also ranks top among B&Bs and Inns among Savannah GA® inn and bed and breakfast reviews.

      Ring Up The Curtain On More of Romantic Inn's Savannah Bed and Breakfast Stars! 

      Catherine Ward House was featured on the 2013 Downtown Neighborhood Association's Holiday Tour of Inns and Homes.

      Including 2013, for six years Presidents' Quarters Inn has been voted "Best Savannah B&B / Inn" as viewed by loyal readers in the Savannah Magazine annual poll.

      In 2013 three of our Savannah Romantic Inns' members were featured to highlight destination Savannah Georgia on the phenomenally popular Wheel of Fortune television game show -- Zeigler House Inn, Green Palm Inn, and Presidents' Quarters Inn.

      During November 2013 on the popular foodie's television show, Eat It and Like It about bed and breakfast foods, Zeigler House Inn was featured to highlight the outstanding cuisine awaiting in the Savannah bed and breakfasts. The show talks about where to find the best food and drinks in Savannah. It airs Sunday mornings at 7:30 a.m. on WSAV.

      Picturesque Forsyth Park Inn was in the news recently after making an historical connection to the Titanic.  The inn's veranda with southern rocking chairs is a showplace overlooking Forsyth Park. That beautiful bed and breakfast inn is featured regularly in Savannah tourism photography, including the new Romantic Inn's video, Better Way to Stay in Savannah 

      B&B pool at McMillan Inn in downtown Savannah GA
      McMillan Inn's hidden garden pool was the downtown Savannah B&B surprise in the Better Way to Stay in Savannah  video.

      A popular Savannah destination wedding venue, The New York Times featured Savannah Villas in their Great Homes and Destinations

      Stay with the Savannah Tourism Stars ... Romantic Inns! 

      Each of the historic lodging properties of Romantic Inns' members is a star in Savannah Georgia tourism and the city's unique historic district places to stay in downtown Savannah. Each of the small historic inns is privately / locally owned and managed. We welcome your visit and invite you to stay with the stars of historic Savannah lodging -- Romantic Inns of Savannah.

      Here's a link to contact all of our member inns at once. Follow us also on Twitter, Facebook, and check out ideas for romantic Savannah travel in our Romantic Inns Pinterest boards.

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