Thursday, October 30, 2014

Uber Local Savannah Travel Tips: Romantic Inns Share Girlfriends Getaway, What To Eat and Do in America's Most Beautiful City

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 28, 2014) -- Today we share a few excellent cues from Savannah natives who 'do Savannah' ... every year or so. An annual girls getaway in Savannah is such a fantastic idea!

Old Savannah Tours in the Savannah historic district is girlfriends getaway top picks
History comes alive with actors hopping onboard
the trolley along the route: Old Savannah Tour's
sightseeing tours in Savannah, Georgia's
National Landmark Historic District

Savannah-born Friends Meet Up to Visit Savannah, Georgia 

We know three Savannah native gals, now among the sixty-something generation, who meet up in Savannah every year or so to do sentimental and fun things. Savannah's pace suits them even in their senior years -- sitting the surf at Tybee Island beach, taking cooking classes at Christmas time, and catching up on what's new in town and with each other.

In October 2014 the trio toured and learned Savannah facts they did not know on an Old Savannah Trolley Tour, visited SCAD Museum of Art, breakfasted at Clary's Cafe, enjoyed supper at The Florence, Hugh Acheson's new Savannah restaurant, and made their 'must-do' pilgrimage to Leopold's Ice Cream shop. The ice cream parlor is where the memorable ice cream is mouth-watering delicious, like they remembered, and the jukebox still plays swing hits and Auld Lang Syne for one dime.