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Uber Local Savannah Travel Tips: Romantic Inns Share Girlfriends Getaway, What To Eat and Do in America's Most Beautiful City

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 28, 2014) -- Today we share a few excellent cues from Savannah natives who 'do Savannah' ... every year or so. An annual girls getaway in Savannah is such a fantastic idea!

Old Savannah Tours in the Savannah historic district is girlfriends getaway top picks
History comes alive with actors hopping onboard
the trolley along the route: Old Savannah Tour's
sightseeing tours in Savannah, Georgia's
National Landmark Historic District

Savannah-born Friends Meet Up to Visit Savannah, Georgia 

We know three Savannah native gals, now among the sixty-something generation, who meet up in Savannah every year or so to do sentimental and fun things. Savannah's pace suits them even in their senior years -- sitting the surf at Tybee Island beach, taking cooking classes at Christmas time, and catching up on what's new in town and with each other.

In October 2014 the trio toured and learned Savannah facts they did not know on an Old Savannah Trolley Tour, visited SCAD Museum of Art, breakfasted at Clary's Cafe, enjoyed supper at The Florence, Hugh Acheson's new Savannah restaurant, and made their 'must-do' pilgrimage to Leopold's Ice Cream shop. The ice cream parlor is where the memorable ice cream is mouth-watering delicious, like they remembered, and the jukebox still plays swing hits and Auld Lang Syne for one dime.
For the girlfriends getaway of late night chats and on the run early mornings, our senior gals had readied with top-notch munchies from Whole Foods and The Fresh Market -- Spent grains (barley) bread, pimento cheese, pumpkin muffins, chocolate pecans, coconut macaroons, raspberries, sparkling water, and orange juice. No fast-food restaurants and no cooking for these gals!
Savannah architecture among girlfriends getaway local favorites in Savannah Georgia
Armstrong Mansion, the first
home of Armstrong
University, with regal ironworks
compared to
Kensington Palace, UK.
Family Traditions: Southerners stay at the table after supper. 

In an era of text messaging, emails, and busy schedules, when one imbibes in Savannah's less hurried ways, it's easy to imagine family times laced with lingered discussions at the supper table, even in the chic surrounds of The Florence. These three southern gals have baked many a casserole and baked fresh bread to take to neighbors or when there is illness in the family. It was no wonder, then, that their "Beginnings" at supper included The Florence Bread assortment, freshly baked sour dough, wheat, rye, and cranberry breads with the creamist butter, plus apple butter on the side.

Bonaventure, Forest Lawn and Greenwich cemeteries are regular stops for visiting family grave sites, talking about old times, and refreshing the flowers. The story-rich lands along the Wilmington River are laced with Savannah history. They were colonial-era plantations.

Historic district top spot -- Leopold's Ice Cream a Savannah tourism celebrity in Savannah GA
The working jukebox at Leopold's
Ice Cream, a top-10
in the world favorite, not only
by Savannah locals!
Play one nostalgic tune
for a dime, 3 tunes for a quarter.
At Greenwich Plantation, taking in the pleasant breeze on a fall afternoon, it is easy to imagine embattled soldiers, bringing their wounded Polish General Casimir Pulaski to these shores during the American Revolutionary War. In the 1920s, before the palatial mansion burned to the ground, silent movie star Rudolf Valentino came here to star in "Stolen Moments".

"I have to get my husband that silent movie for Christmas. He loves classics!" one astounded friend adds, while narrating a reminder in her iPhone.  

First-time visitors discover: Savannah merits a longer stay. 

Top eats in Savannah Georgia says girlsfriend getaway in Savannah GA
Woodhouse Steak at
The Florence.
While out and about the gals overheard other travelers comment, more than once, that Savannah deserves a longer stay.

"I've always wanted to visit Savannah". This comment came from a Baby Boomer sophisticate dining at Fire Street Food, a popular lunch spot located on Chippewa Square. "We need to spend more days here," she added.
Yes, Savannah's southerner natives do lunch in the chic little spots with great food and take time for socializing with former colleagues or meet up with busy friends. On this day, the girlfriends overheard that the four-some were in town for the Savannah Film Festival. For our trio of girlfriends Fire Street Food was one of many places to dine healthy for their midday lunch ... and linger.  
One of our Savannah gals wanted to interject, but did not, to tell the travelers the heartwarming back story of the Fire Street Food owners. The husband's father had cooked for the American's during the Vietnam War, and he had been imprisoned after America's troops departed. Like so many people and places, this little Asian-inspired cafe is part of the rich international tapestry that makes Savannah internationally appealing and inclusive.

It was no surprise to the three girlfriends that the overheard first-time Savannah visitors had discovered: this southern USA city on the Georgia coast merits a longer stay. At the point when our gals were departing, the festival-going foursome was pondering if and how they could extend their Savannah reservations.

Tap into Romantic Inns for more ways the Savannah locals live richly and affordably ... and travel to Savannah often!

Great resources for these heartwarming Savannah trips? The historic inns of the Romantic Inns marketing collective are where great sharing happens for the uber local trip -- the daily #best things to do! Romantic Inns of Savannah are locally owned historic inns, generous with ideas of how-to discover what is of personal interest in Savannah. These beautiful historic inns and their families are slices of the uber local Savannah experience.

Come see and experience America's most beautiful city ... with the locals!

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