Thursday, February 12, 2015

Make A Date for Coffee or Breakfast in Savannah GA: A Day Dream Romantic Vacation in Plain View

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Day dreaming, daisies, divinity, and door-holding etiquette. Gas street lamps, wicker baskets on bicycles, and evening strolls.

In her book "Let's Bring Back", Lesley M.M. Blume lists these and more in her "Encyclopedia of Forgotten-yet-delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By". Ms. Blume writes, "We're absolutely drowning in Newest, Fastest, Latest, Disposable...."

Cafe society, opera, avenue promenades, and picnics in graveyards (like world-famous Bonaventure Cemetery, Colonial Cemetery or Laurel Grove).  Yes ma'am and yes sir, Savannah has them all!

Add also cobblestone streets, candy stripped barber shop polls, gas light street lights, cable car (on River Street), plus figureheads found on the bow of tall ships docked along the Savannah River harbor.

We continue to search for what Savannah has to fulfill Ms. Blume's longings. Yes, we'll add bonbons, rocking chairs, dining room and bedroom fireplaces, nostalgic music, finger-bowl Champagne glasses, and sleeper trains (Amtrak).

When visiting in Savannah, Georgia, one slows the pace. 

Yes, these kind of days-gone-by-indulgences are here and now in charming Savannah, Georgia USA.  Consider this idea! "Elevenses"-- a simple late morning sort of snack like tea, just because, or two cups of freshly blended coffee with fresh-from-the-farm cream and sugar made in Savannah from sugar cane!

Each of the Romantic Inns of Savannah innkeepers will have favorite places and even more local tips to soak up more of Savannah's charm. We hope to see you soon! Meanwhile, contact us here.