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Savannah Romantic Inn Owners Are "Pretty in Pink" During Savannah's Picnic in the Park -- Sunday, October 5, 2015

At Savannah Picnic In the Park 2015
in Forsyth Park with the Savannah Philharmonic,
Sunday, October 4, 2015, look for the
flock of pink flamingos and Romantic
Inns' breast cancer cure supporters.
SAVANNAH GA -- In the spirit of the novel* and movie (1960) Pollyanna, a trio of glad hearted Savannah tourism stars will flock together to Savannah's musical "Picnic in the Park" on October 4, 2015.

Three historic Savannah bed and breakfast inns will style their 'Pretty in Pink' color-scheme picnic to showcase their 'in the pink' optimism and borrow the Disney movie's "Glad Town" aspirations.

Remember, Pollyanna's efforts brought together citizens, cheering and working for each other. That's the idea -- happier lives by working together and finding ways to be glad. 

The October 2015 "Hollywood in the Park" musical picnic in historic Savannah's Forsyth Park will be a luxuriant pink affair for three Savannah GA romantic inns. 

Year around many of historic Savannah's Romantic Inn owners offer the beautiful embodiment of the luxuriant Savannah lifestyle -- opening up their million-dollar mansions, daily extending hospitality to world travelers, embracing the southern city's quaint-meets-cosmopolitan unique cultures, and supporting the community's philanthropic endeavors.

Showcasing Savannah's artistic flair at another
fun-loving picnic, two Romantic Inns innkeepers,
Diane Crews of Green Palm Inn and Jackie Heinz
of Zeigler House Inn.
"We are glad to be participants in Savannah's rich cultural community. For Picnic in the Park 2015, we are eager to reshape our 'in the pink' optimism by stepping out, showcasing our romantic-to-glitzy, celebratory style onto the green landscape of the city's biggest annual picnic in Forsyth Park," states 25-year breast cancer survivor Jackie Heinz of Zeigler House Inn.  "We have much to be glad about. We are glad for breast cancer survivors, thankful for dedicated care-givers, and far more glad for those who can forego the disease, yet assist to fund research and a cure. We are glad for the Savannah community's support and for the medical progress that is restoring hope and lengthening lives."

"Also, we are supporting one of their own," adds Green Palm Inn's Diane Crews. "We are eager to be counted among the legends in the community, cheering on the national cancer medical community's cure efforts and local Savannah Breast Cancer Awareness drives year around that support breast cancer patients."

"The 2015 Picnic In the Park movie theme, Hollywood in the Park, opens up innovative ideas and creative ways for our Romantic Inns to showcase a 'Pretty in Pink' and a 'Glad Town' attitude", adds Anna Kelley of Presidents' Quarters Inn.

These three tourism stars want you to know that historic inn lodging in the historic district goes far beyond plush bed chambers. Year around the caring Romantic Inns' owners support a pool of selective quality of life events and worthwhile causes that renew the world-famous city's tagline -- "Hostess City of the South".

Make no mistake. These Savannah bed and breakfast lodging pros will be far more glad when there is a breast cancer cure. 

Please support 'in the pink' Savannah events during October 2015, including Worship in Pink Week, October 18-24, 2015 sponsored by Susan G. Komen for the Cure in Coastal Georgia.

Ten Savannah executives have actively joined the 2015 Savannah BigWigs campaign, on a mission to raise $10k. Congrats to VisitSavannah public relations director, Erica Backus whose personal scare in 2015 brought her to actively campaign for a breast cancer cure and funding.  


Savannah, Georgia USA is renown as one of America's most beautiful walkable historic districts with friendly and passionate citizens. Every year smart minds join the breast cancer crusade. Serious dollars flow readily into cancer cure research, early breast mammograms, and early cancer diagnosis.

Each of the owner-innkeepers in the privately owned collective of Association of Romantic Inns in Savannah, Georgia, offers more than an elegant bed chamber. The inns are distinctive places to fall in bed in the downtown Savannah historic district. Yet, there's even more. They bring heart and engagement to city visitors and neighbors. 
Get in touch. Let's us know when you're ready to meet up with these Romantic Inns' tourism stars at our top pick Savannah inns in the historic district. For your next stay in downtown Savannah, here's a link to reach all the owner innkeepers through one inquiry.

We hope to host your visit soon. Meanwhile, please help how you can to support your local Susan G. Komen for the Cure® efforts where you live.

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*The Disney movie, Pollyanna is based on the best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter. In the story line, Pollyanna Whittier's late father had taught her to look at the good side of things—in this case, to be glad about receiving crutches from a missionary shipment instead of a doll because "we didn't need to use them!"  

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