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Southern Hospitality Extends to Southern Breakfast Cuisine: 1895 Inn's Best Pancake Recipe

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Southern hospitality is a stereotype of the lifestyle and culture found in the American South. Wikipedia describes it as "particularly warm, sweet, and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general". 

Southern cuisine plays an important role in southern hospitality.
"I learned to love the tastes and smells of good food, and that true Southern hospitality begins in the kitchen, the soul of a home", writes Lisette Verlander and Susan Murphy in  The Cookin' Cajun Cooking School Cookbook.  
Members of Romantic Inns of Savannah, proprietors of 1895 Inn offer "personalized service that will not be surpassed". Based on 556 bed and breakfast reviews to date, Bob Ray and Ed Bryant make good on their invitation to "make our home yours" during your visit to Savannah.   

Elegant southern breakfast of Baked Banana Pecan Pancake
served at 1895 Inn B&B, a top-pick romantic
Savannah bed and breakfast inn located on Oglethorpe
Avenue in the National Landmark Historic District.
Photo courtesy of 1895 Inn. Used with permission.
Generously, Bob and Ed share their prized recipe for Baked Banana-Pecan Pancake. Enjoy!

Baked Banana-Pecan Pancake
The 1895 Inn, Savannah GA USA


2 ripe bananas, sliced
1 cup warm maple syrup, to taste

1 cup flour
1 tablespoon (packed) light brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 large egg
6 ounces vanilla or banana yogurt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup (mashed) very ripe banana (can also add/substitute other fresh fruit)
½ cup pecans, chopped (optional)


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a nine-inch pie dish with nonstick cooking spray. In large bowl, whisk together first five ingredients. In another bowl beat together egg, yogurt, oil and vanilla.  Add egg mixture to dry ingredients, stirring just until evenly combined.  Fold in mashed banana and chopped pecans.
2.  Pour batter into pie pan and spread evenly.  Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.  Cut into 6 wedges. 
3.  Serve warm with toppings.

Note: While Banana pancakes are popular among backpackers and other travelers traveling along the "Banana Pancake Trail", often beginning in Bangkok and weaving through South Asia and Southeast Asia, this southern pancake version featuring Georgia pecans is served elegantly in the 1895 Inn's genteel setting. Fresh fruit, bacon, and coffee round out the inclusive breakfast at this top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast inn. 

Recipe Copyright © 1895 Inn.

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Get Away To Idyllic Romantic Inns, Exemplifying A True Sense of Savannah, Georgia USA

Historic accommodations at Presidents' Quarters Inn | Photo courtesy Sandy Traub / Daisies for Daisy campaign
Romantic Inns bed and breakfast home and elegant lodging
exude the continual welcome that rightfully mimics
the pulse of vibrant Savannah,Georgia USA through
southern hospitality in our million-dollar home inns.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Romantic, cultural, educational, heritage and adventuresome experiences are hallmarks of tourism in Savannah, GA USA.

Q. The "must haves" for the escape seekers and experience collectors?

A. Each lodging guest is looking for something special when you travel.

Experience seekers adore that our Romantic Inns' bed and breakfast accommodations portray Savannah's historic qualities and cultural manners in so many ways. Savannah travelers are eager to know what each can do instead of what each can buy here.

Why do we say these private hotels epitomize Savannah, Georgia? What was Savannah like in the 19th Century? 

Most of the privately owned Romantic Inns of Savannah bed and breakfast mansions, town home inns, and private guest accommodations were built in the mid 1800s. 

"No city of the Union blends more palpably the old and the new than Savannah", writes J. W. Avery in his Harper's Weekly article dated 1888.... The past is a living presence in this beautiful old city.... Into this forest [of February 1733, when British settlers arrived] the colonists cut an opening and arranged a quaint little plan of a place, reminding one of a child's toy town with everything precise and rectangular -- streets, houses and squares laid off mathematically and alike."
The Romantic Inns' architectural styles are "precise and rectangular", modernized for 21st century comforts, which blend "the old and the new".  Over one hundred and thirty years after Mr. Avery's review, our bed and breakfast inns are hearty "old fashioned residences, with a stately flavor of the aristocratic about them", situated along the "broad shaded streets" that he described.

Whether for your pleasure travel, entertainment, outdoor recreation, visiting friends or relatives, and in town for business, overnight lodging in a Romantic Inn doubles the enjoyment in Savannah!

Empty nesters' vacations and weekend or holiday getaways include a visit to historic parks, homes and gardens, and enjoying a sports vacation. Escapes for solo or romantic couples' getaways include an urban holiday with an added bonus for a soft adventure trip with sightseeing, sun and sand.   

Romantic Inns Owners Take A Personal Interest That Your Savannah Trip Is A Success! 

Innkeepers will help to tailor and organize a worthwhile itinerary, and assist with reservations, like dining in these authentic Savannah places and restaurants in the National Landmark Historic District.

Dine in places of status, like the home of the elite Habersham family, co-founders of the firm Harris and Habersham, who launched "the first effort to ship a Georgia cargo" (1749). The pink home on Reynolds Square is now the legendary Olde Pink House Restaurant. A grain warehouse on Telfair Square is now re-purposed as the popular and elegant Alligator Soul restaurant, serving up superlatives nightly. Renovated along the prestigious Factors Row wharf offices, Vic's On the River entices with fine dining and a window seat overlooking the Savannah River port for lunch and dinner.

Complementing the historical places/museums, cultural events/festivals and outdoors, Romantic Inns private mini hotels rightfully mimics the pulse of vibrant Savannah. Through southern hospitality in our million-dollar home inns, our tourism stars exude the continual welcome that respects Savannah's friendly city reputation. 

Insider experiences await when you book your lodging to stay in a privately owned Romantic Inn in Savannah, Georgia. We are eager to help our guests with what's new, deals, and regional interests for day trips near Savannah.

Just know, we will always do our best. Getting in touch is so easy! Contact all the inns with one click here!

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