Monday, November 30, 2015

Savannah Through the Decades: Top Summer Vacation Places Offer Time Travel on the Georgia Coast

Romantic weddings in summer and throughout
the year are hosted in historic Savannah churches
near our Romantic Inns' lodging in the National
Landmark Historic District. The garden squares,
Forsyth Park and historic churches are
favorite spots for destination weddings
and elopement weddings in Savannah, Georgia USA.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- Top summer vacation places include Savannah on the Georgia coast. The Hostess City of South's summer vacation ideas entice -- summer songs, summer days, culture and experiences to please romantics, history buffs, and lovers of fun, food and architecture.

Innkeepers among the Romantic Inns of Savannah believe Savannah offers some of the the best travel ideas for time travel in the USA!

Truly an example of the best time travel is the song of Savannah's native son, Johnny Mercer, who penned "Summer Wind". The romantic song holds so true of subtropical Savannah's romance in summer. 

Travel+Leisure's Savannah Travel Guide shares "...ocean breezes make the Southern heat much more tolerable [in summer]. Rainfall is also fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, although Savannah travel in August could run into a higher chance of rain. July is also the hottest month of the year and tends to be the time when tourist season begins." 
And from "The Perfect Weekend in Savannah", "The 'hostess city of the South' is the ideal destination for a quick getaway." -- Tom Austin, September 3, 2015, Travel+Leisure

Your journal or memoir, too, can accurately tell your own stories when visiting nearby Georgia beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coastline of barrier islands, the lively art scene, multiple centuries of world-class architecture, delicious casual ethnic to fine-dining southern food, legendary friendly people, and rich American history.  We hope you will add your stay in one of our Romantic Inns in Savannah.
Did you know? On August 13, 1959, Brenda Lee (a Georgia native) recorded "Sweet Nothin's," her first top ten hit. During a trip to Savannah and nearby Georgia Coast beach of Tybee Island in summer, it's easy to live the song's lyrics of sitting on the front porch and walking hand in hand.

Savannah Through the Decades: Winter in Savannah GA, Holidays Rich in Warm Southern Hospitality and Culture

SAVANNAH Georgia -- During weekend getaways, winter vacations and holiday breaks, discover some of the best travel ideas for time travel from Romantic Inns of Savannah, GA USA.

Savannah's cultural treasures and romantic ideas include historic inn lodging, southern food, and history woven into the lively tapestry of Georgia's oldest city.

Christmas in Savannah! Enjoy historic inn lodging
at one of the Romantic Inns of Savannah.
Photo courtesy Catherine Ward House Inn in Savannah
By the late 1800s, Savannah, with its warm winters, had become a romantic travel destination. Now renown as the "Hostess City of the South", Savannah is a "no snow" winter destination, for which Romantic Inns is happy to provide lodging and hospitality. 


Visit Oglethorpe's Bench on the Savannah bluff where colonists arrived in 1733. Arriving in the winter of 1733 after five months of travel, Georgia’s first colonists arrived with British parliamentarian, then Colonel James Oglethorpe on a ship called Anne. Georgia's first settlers had sailed from England on September 11, 1732, and arrived in Savannah on February 12, 1733.
February 13, 1730, is the first written mention of Georgia in Earl of Egmont's journal. Georgia purchased Egmont's Journal of the Transaction of the Trustees for $16,000 in 1946. It is known as Georgia's birth certificate.
In January 1788, First African Baptist Church was formally established in Savannah. As slaves during the 1770, congregants began to meet together in Christian worship on a Savannah River plantation, with permission from their planters. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Glad Tidings and The Holidays in Savannah, Georgia: Christmas Stories and Present Day Holiday Tips from Romantic Inns

Savannah Christmas | Photo courtesy Catherine Ward House Inn B&B
Romantic holidays in Savannah, GA
at Catherine Ward House Inn
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- The New York Times reports on Wednesday, December 28, 1870, that there was a "high and merry carnival among the Savannaese on Monday.... Even the telegraph office was closed, and people seemed to wish to shut themselves out from the rest of the world and enjoy their holiday all to themselves...."

"The great fĂȘte of the people was Christmas.... Time was measured by it: it was either so long 'since Christmas,' or so long 'before Christmas', wrote Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922) of Social Life in Old Virginia Before the War. "It was the time to 'Shout the glad tidings.' It was The Holidays."

Today the people of in the Hostess City of the South are called Savannahians. The citizens now invite the world to visit for the holidays. There are no masquerading of costumes, no pigeon shoots, no baseballs matches, and no tournaments of "knights in flaming colors..., lance in hand".  Then as now, however, there was "a great deal of shipping in the river".

Oh, the food!