Monday, November 30, 2015

Savannah Through the Decades: Top Summer Vacation Places Offer Time Travel on the Georgia Coast

Romantic weddings in summer and throughout
the year are hosted in historic Savannah churches
near our Romantic Inns' lodging in the National
Landmark Historic District. The garden squares,
Forsyth Park and historic churches are
favorite spots for destination weddings
and elopement weddings in Savannah, Georgia USA.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- Top summer vacation places include Savannah on the Georgia coast. The Hostess City of South's summer vacation ideas entice -- summer songs, summer days, culture and experiences to please romantics, history buffs, and lovers of fun, food and architecture.

Innkeepers among the Romantic Inns of Savannah believe Savannah offers some of the the best travel ideas for time travel in the USA!

Truly an example of the best time travel is the song of Savannah's native son, Johnny Mercer, who penned "Summer Wind". The romantic song holds so true of subtropical Savannah's romance in summer. 

Travel+Leisure's Savannah Travel Guide shares "...ocean breezes make the Southern heat much more tolerable [in summer]. Rainfall is also fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, although Savannah travel in August could run into a higher chance of rain. July is also the hottest month of the year and tends to be the time when tourist season begins." 
And from "The Perfect Weekend in Savannah", "The 'hostess city of the South' is the ideal destination for a quick getaway." -- Tom Austin, September 3, 2015, Travel+Leisure

Your journal or memoir, too, can accurately tell your own stories when visiting nearby Georgia beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coastline of barrier islands, the lively art scene, multiple centuries of world-class architecture, delicious casual ethnic to fine-dining southern food, legendary friendly people, and rich American history.  We hope you will add your stay in one of our Romantic Inns in Savannah.
Did you know? On August 13, 1959, Brenda Lee (a Georgia native) recorded "Sweet Nothin's," her first top ten hit. During a trip to Savannah and nearby Georgia Coast beach of Tybee Island in summer, it's easy to live the song's lyrics of sitting on the front porch and walking hand in hand.
USA patriotic travel equals Savannah, GA!
In this photo, courtesy of Green Palm Inn,
innkeeper Diane Crews (photographed)
decorates her festive southern porch at
Green Palm Inn.

Founded in 1733, the colony of Georgia was situated on the lands between Great Britain's South Carolina and Spain's Florida settlements. In part, the new settlers in Georgia were to provide a standing militia to protect the valuable Carolinas from Spanish attack. The Spanish launched their attack of Fort Frederica, near Brunswick, in the summer of 1742.

Mid-summer, on July 25, 1742, Georgia celebrated its First Thanksgiving Day.

Visit the Tricentennial Park and Savannah History Museum. The Georgia Gazette announced the raising of the pole in Savannah on July 27, 1774, to celebrate the establishment of the new country, the United States of America. It would not be an easy feat to separate the new nation from Great Britain. In the late summer of 1779, the English occupation of Savannah during the American Revolutionary War was challenged by the patriots in the Siege of Savannah.

During the late 1800s the city’s well-to-do citizens migrated to summer accommodations on the coast. Burnside Island and Tybee Island were among the most popular island resort communities, referred to as “on the salts".
Burnside Island was developed by the father of Savannah-born songwriter, Johnny Mercer, who wrote the lyrics to "Moon River", a river that flows along Burnside Island.
Today rail buffs can visit the Georgia State Railroad Museum and dine at Wiley's Championship BBQ with another avid train fan. During the Civil War (1861-1865) the rail tracks through Georgia became "Sherman's Neck Ties", as Union troops twisted the ties to prevent use. On July 1, 1900, combining the old Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railroad (renamed to the Georgia and Alabama Railroad in 1895) with other assets, 35 year-old John Skelton Williams creates Seaboard Air Line Railway. On August 13, 1893 "Nancy Hanks," Central Railroad and Banking Company (precursor to Central of Georgia) rail service between Savannah and Atlanta is ended because the rails and railbed were too rough for high-speed service. A number of the locomotives had left the tracks.

Today the Pin Point Museum is open, featuring the Gullah and Geechee culture along the coastal tidewaters near Savannah. In the summer of 1991 (July 1, 1991), President George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the U. S. Supreme Court. Judge Thomas's hometown is Pin Point, a fishing village near Savannah.

Romantic Inns' innkeepers enjoy the tradition of southern storytelling. Ask about topics and interests that you enjoy. Each innkeeper will share individual recommendations to the best travel ideas in Savannah.

Our Savannah B&B innkeepers will always extend the best in southern hospitality for your Savannah trip! Getting in touch for summer vacation places and things to do in Savannah is so easy! Contact all the inns with one click here!

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